This is a guest post written by Stephanie Cronin at Summers Photography about the benefits of investing in branded photography. Stephanie’s a brilliant lifestyle & branding photographer who can help you present the best of yourself and your business with a set of branded photos that will help move your business forward for years to come – read her top tips below…

Why hiring a personal brand photographer will do wonders for your website…

When planning the content for your website and social media, visuals play a crucial role in how you portray your personal brand to your customers and clients. It’s important to remember that customers shop with their eyes and will often make decisions based on their first impression.

Personal branding involves influencing the way potential customers see you and view your products or services, which is why personal branding photography can have such a huge impact. Professional photos are an asset and will serve you for years to come.

Here are a few of the ways that you would benefit from having professional personal branding photos.

    • Are you fed up in trying to find images online? You see a nice image on Google, can you use it? Sadly no. Copyright is a huge element to be aware of and you cannot simply pick an image to use in your marketing that isn’t yours. Free stock libraries for photographs are great if you are looking for 1 or 2 shots, but that classic image may be on hundreds of other websites. Purchasing from the bigger stock image companies can soon add up in cost. Investing in your own photographs makes your products or services unique, photographed in your own environment and nobody is going to have those images.
    • Use them throughout your website. Businesses that feature professional photos of real people inspire more trust than those that use stock photos. Real photos also help tell your business story more authentically. At the very least, you should always have a professional headshot on your website so that potential customers know who they are doing business with. As photographers, we understand that your might be nervous, but do your homework and see if people look relaxed, approachable and friendly. These are wonderful traits for personal brands and photographers will be able to help you relax too.
    • Place them in your email campaigns. Take your email blasts to the next level by including your photo in them.
    • Include them on your landing pages. If you rely on landing pages to help you generate sales, adding personal branding photography to them can boost your results.
    • Create a killer bio for events. Speaking at an upcoming event? Make sure that you have a professional headshot and branding photos on hand to send along with your bio.
    • Send them with your press releases. If you usually send out press releases or are planning to in the coming year, professional photos will help your submission stand out.
    • Make your email signature memorable. Not everybody remembers a name but almost everyone can recall a face. Adding a photo to your email signature can make it more memorable.
    • Add them to your printed marketing materials. When you print your marketing materials on a regular basis, a photo can be used to make your brochures and business cards stand out. Remember to refresh your photos often so that your personal brand is also reflected accurately as you progress your brand and launch other seasonal products.

We hope this has been helpful for your future personal branding photo shoot. Send an email today for full information and availability to or contact us through our website.

Happy branding!

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Branded Photography Stephanie CroninBranded Photography Stephanie CroninBranded Photography Stephanie CroninBranded Photography Stephanie Cronin