There are so many great design resources out there these days, it helps me out as a designer to keep ontop of what’s out there so I can recommend to clients various different design assets that might fit what they’re looking for. Design templates can save the day as they help save time and money which is perfect for alot of start ups. Alot of sites offer complete graphic kits and the pre-designed file make it easy for the clients to visualise what their finished branded artwork will look like. With pre-designed layouts, I’ll take the editable file and modify and adapt it to the brief required. I’ve used this eucalyptus leaves collection by illustrator Lisa Glanz in the image above (currently free download if you subscribe!) and the berries are from Vecteezy. Take a look at what’s out there, there’s alot of amazing talented folk out there!

Take a look at my resources page for links to services that offer loads of different design assets.