Who has a master plan?

Firstly I have an obsession about beautiful new note books – this Luxe Grey Leopard Print Hardback Notebook from Not on The Hight Street I love ❤️❤️

As for a master plan I’m not quite sure I have one, perhaps I should 😗 as a fashion marketing student at Bournemouth many moons ago I was determined to move to London and work in fashion which I did, this then lead onto moving into design. I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do in design but I did a digital design course, which lead me onto new ventures in online design. I think it’s a combination of your passions, luck, the people you meet, determination and your circumstances that lead you to where you are today!

In the creative industry there are so many avenues to pursue as well! So with a bit of careful and disciplined planning perhaps it is a good idea to create a master plan for your life (your working life anyway 😄) It’s all about ‘visual chain thinking’ in this article. Read on –  Rohn: How to Create a Master Plan for your Life