The other day I was listening to BBC’s The Food Programme podcast – Mary Berry: A life through food (definitely worth a listen if you’re a Mary Berry fan!) and they interviewed John Whaite who was a winner of The Great British Bake Off in 2012. I jumped onto his website, intrigued to see how he’s done since and by the looks of it very well! Love his instagram feed beautifully curated ❤️ and really like his new logo for his new Tart House Bakery pop-up **sadly not mine** I can’t take the credit but big logo appreciation 👍

He describes the meaning behind his logo ‘The logo’s peacock represents of course beauty, but primarily symbolises dignity and displaying one’s truth. Its feathers contain little fronds of wheat, paying respect to the farmers of my family and of the world who bring us the ingredients we rely so heavily upon. The most curious part of the logo is the skull upon which the peacock is standing. Skulls are an important part of my life because they remind me of mortality and the transience of everything; no matter how successful or unsuccessful we are in our ventures or ambitions, none of that really matters. What matters is that you try and believe in your ability, your talent and your self-worth, and most importantly, that you do it all with nothing but love in your heart.’

What a fab logo 💀 and what an brilliant idea! Would love to have a pop up bakery closer to home + 🍰