This collection of images is from the latest website I’m working on for a friend who’s recently qualified as Naturopath and Herbalist. I am in awe of how she’s managed to study part time for 5 years whilst looking after 3 children, similar ages to mine, the youngest being only 2 and they’ve recently got the most gorgeous puppy to add the clan! Most definitely on the supermum list!

The Remedy Garden is under development and I’m really excited for things to come for her. I love the area of holistic health,  I think nature has the innate ability to heal and am a great believer of identifying and treating the cause of many conditions, physical or emotional. As a fully qualified Naturopath and Herbalist, Debbie – founder of The Remedy Garden has a broad herbal therapeutic knowledge along with a strong foundation in nutrition, biomedicine, pathology and pharmacy. Mostly practicing western herbal medicine she also uses Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese herbs for their energetic philiosophies and bach flower remedies to aid balance of emotional levels. Keep posted for the launch of her website to read more!

When I take on a new project I always research for ideas on visuals and along the way I discovered another magazine to add to my evergrowing list of fave magazines! This monthly, digital magazine AromaCulture Magazine is filled with great information for those who want to learn more about practical ways to use herbs, essential oils, and other plant-based products, in the home or holistic practice – a beautiful magazine with great photography, layout and content!