In one of my recent posts Favourite Childrens Brand I posted about a child’s imagination and the power of play and encouraging children to explore the things they love. My latest client Penny has had a life-long passion of flowers, from a young age picking them and selling them to visiting friends and family, a Saturday job in a florist in her teens to following her passion and talents which led her to running her own company Penelope Hunter Flowers creating beautiful flower displays for weddings and special events.

I love it when we end up following the path we set ourselves – without even realising it – and end up in a job we wanted all along! I know it’s not always plain sailing or easy when faced with the realities of life,  but it’s so lovely to see passions played out and become a reality.

I really enjoyed working alongside Penny and her copywriter on giving her old tired looking website a fresh look and feel, we’re all really happy with the outcome of her new online home 💕🌸

Take a look at Penny’s weddings and events portfolio, she works across South Bucks, Bershire and West London. If you, or anyone you know is planning a wedding or special event keep her in mind!